Company Profile

IT MELA started its journey in 2017 in Bangladesh. IT means Information Technology & MELA means where everything is found, So, IT MELA means where IT related all products are available. We started as Web Design firm – and looking at sky to where we go finally. Interesting & challenging& creative work stimulates our taste buds which we like to do and love to show in our gallery. We love Freedom as we tend to follow the Open Source movement.

PHP, WordPress, Joomla, MySQL are our best buddies and we love to pass our time fiddling with them! We don’t talk much about technical mumbo-jumbo; we just do it and love to do it again & again. We empower you with award winning teams that help you innovate and build great software products and since then we have been experimenting with our business models as well as developing project IT Mela product/services for clients locally. You benefit from our amazing work environment and proven development process – that makes us passionate about what we do and reliable in our delivery.